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Thread: a Strange card help me out

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    a Strange card help me out

    I recently pulled this card from a pack, I believe the pack was 02 leaf rookies and stars but I mabey mistaken, the card is a
    Donte Stalworth Action Packed #6 and its #332/1850. The year and brand on the card says, 2002 Donruss and there is also a leaf symbol. It is 3d like the old Action Packed cards. I cant find it in beckett and was curious as to its value, or if anyone else have pulled these.

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    Here is what the OLPG has:

    2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars Action Packed Bronze 6 Donte Stallworth bv of $5

    There were 3 subsets, bronze, gold and silver. The bronze were numbered to 1850. I don't know what the run for the silver and gold were, but the silver is $10 and the gold is $20

    Hope this helps,

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    Yep, If you pull insert sets like that you can either look them up at or buy beckett plus. it lists a lot of insert sets


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