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    In Today Mailbox

    Nascar Racing
    Larry McReynolds
    Sign 8x10 To mike

    Jack Kemp
    Sign BW 8x10

    College Womens Basketball
    UNIV Colorado
    Kathleen Miller
    Sign 8x10

    Nobel Prize Winner 2001
    Wolfgang Ketterle
    Sign 3x5

    Hope all Your Mailboxes are Full

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    Phil Mickelson 8x10
    Dontrelle Willis 8x10
    Both emails are for trade.
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    How long did the dontrelle willis take to get back

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    I got Dontrelle Willis in two days. If you want to trade please offer a good player in return as he is one of the best.

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    Jay Leno (about two weeks)
    Rex Walters (about 5 days)--he actually emailed back with a nice note.

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    In today Mailbox

    Judge Marilyn Milian Peoples Court
    Sign 8x10 To mike
    About 3 months

    Hope all Your Mailboxes are Full


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    Today brought Bruce Weber, Illinois basketball.
    Nice photo--he and his various 2005 trophies.

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    I'm not sure if it's just me, but when I email Amanda Beard, it says something like it won't go through or something. Email on yahoo and gmail and still doesn't work

    On topic: Manu Ginobili 20 days on 5x7

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