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    Autos Through E-mails Success Thread

    Anything posted other than a Success in this thread will be deleted without notice and warning points issued as mentioned in another thread in this forum.

    Ok guys... list all the E-Mails you've had success of getting an autograph.. and ill list it here for the public :). If it's possible could you also list about how long it took to get it???
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    Today brought Aikman c/o his foundation i 4 days. I also received the Cowboys helmet sticker.

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    today woodrow lowe on a 200 page meda guide signed "best wishes robert ,go uab!" sent 3-16
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    today mack davis 5x7 sent 3-08
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    I got my first one ever. Personalized by Amanda Beard. Nice

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    Got an awesome Autograph on an 8x10 from Chris Rix (FSU QB), personalized.

    Now my favorite item, as I am a huge fan of his and FSU.

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    Today I got my first TTM from David Copperfield... took about a month. It photo got creased in the mail, but the autograph is authentic in black sharpie (not auto-pen/stamp).

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    I got Troy Aikman w/ sticker in about 4 days. I'm a little torn as to whether or not it's a real auto. Can anyone put up a scan of theirs?

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    i got the band cheaptrick through e-mail, they sent me 4 8x10s signed by the whole band.

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    Jeb Bush

    Got Governor Jeb Bush today (

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