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    Autos Through E-mails Success Thread

    Anything posted other than a Success in this thread will be deleted without notice and warning points issued as mentioned in another thread in this forum.

    Ok guys... list all the E-Mails you've had success of getting an autograph.. and ill list it here for the public :). If it's possible could you also list about how long it took to get it???
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    John Calipari, Men's Basketball Head Coach University of Memphis
    I don't remember which one didn't work.

    Color 8 1/2 x 11 signed with black sharpie. Received yesterday which was in 6 days.
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    Troy Aikman thru emailing the Troy Aikman Foundation

    Sent a b&w 5 x 7 signed in black sharpie with his number 8. I also received a 4 x 6 Cowboys helmut sticker & a 2004 Cowboys pocket schedule.
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    3 more today....

    David Copperfield, Illustionist

    B&W 8 x 10 signed with black sharpie. He must have been doing an illusion when he signed this, my 3 1/2 year old could have done this !

    Geno Auriemma, Head Coach Women's Basketball UCONN

    Color 8 x 10 holding up the 2004 National Championship trophy, signed "Best Wishes" in black sharpie (11 days).

    Bill Dance, Fisherman

    Color 8 x 10 signed "Rick, Let's Go Fishin' " in black sharpie, (13 days) A real nice signature.
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    Today, I received a Coach K autographed 8x10. Took about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks, I used the e-mail addy that was posted in this thread. He also sent along a big schedule magnet as well as a small pocket schedule.
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    Jim Boeheim, Head Coach Syracuse Men's Basketball
    I received a color 8 x 10 photo signed in gold marker.
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    got coach k again, didnt ask.
    recieved hannah storm, nbc reporter. Personalized color 8x10
    david brenner, comic, b&w 8x10

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    Sherri Shepherd [Actress; Ramona - Less Than Perfect]
    Tom Bodett [Voice of Motel 6 commercials]
    Patti Page [Singer]

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    Marilu Henner, actress
    (couldn't find the email address)
    B&W 8 x 10 personalized with my name & "Best of Health"

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