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    HUGE Baseball Game-Used Trade List

    BASEBALL GAME USED lmk what you need!

    Carlos Delgado/Shannon Stewart-2002 upper deck Double Game-Worn Gems #DG-DS (2 jerseys)
    Omar Vizquel-2003 Upper Deck Leading Swatches#LS-OV (jersey)
    Freddy Garcia-2002 Donruss Originals Gamers #G-11 125/500 (jersey)
    Luis Gonzalez-2002 Fleer Triple Crown rbi kings (BAT)
    Adam Dunn-2003 Fleer Focus jersey edition Team Colors # TC-AD (jersey)
    Lance Berkman-2002 Playoff Piece of the Game #pog-47 (jersey)
    Tom Glavine-2002 Playoff Piece of the Game #POG-83 (jersey)
    Barry Larkin-2002 Playoff Piece of the Game #POG-9 (bat)
    Shawn Green-2002 Playoff Piece of the Game #POG-80 (bat)
    Sammy Sosa-2002 Fleer Press Clippings (game used base)
    Miguel Tejada-2001 Private Shock #138 (bat)
    Wade Boggs-2002 Fleer Classic Cuts #WB-J (jersey)
    Hank Blalock-2004 Fleer Tradition Stand Outs #SO-HB (jersey)
    Jeffrey Hammonds-2001 Topps #TTR-JH (jersey)
    Al Leiter-2002 Upper Deck Stars of '89 #SL-AL (jersey)
    Steve Obenchain-2002 Upper Deck Future Gems #82 (jersey)
    Hee Seop Choi-2004 Fleer Tradition Stand Outs #SO-HC (jersey)
    Frank Thomas-2002 Fleer Authentix #JA-FT RIPPED (jersey)
    Edgardo Alfonzo-2002 Fleer Tradition New York's Finest (jersey)
    Mike Piazza-2002 Fleer Tradition New York's Finest (jersey)
    Eric Chavez-2002 Fleer Platinum Clubhouse Collection (jersey)
    Paul Konerko-2002 Bowman Heritage #BH-PK (jersey)
    Jeff Bagwell-2002 Donruss Best of fan Club Pure Power Masters #PP-15 009/150
    Mike Piazza/Roberto Alomar-2002 SPX Winning Materials #WM-PA (2 jerseys)
    Lance Berkman-2004 Upper Deck Vintage Stellar Stat men #SSM-24 (jersey)
    Cliff Floyd-2002 Upper Deck NL ALL Star Swatches #ASN-CF (Warm Up jersey)
    Rafael Palmerio-2003 Ultra Moonshots (jersey)
    Luis Gonzalez-2003 Ultra Moonshots (jersey)
    Tom Glavine-2001 Fleer Material Issue (jersey)
    Ivan Rodriguez-2003 Upper Deck Leading Swatches #LS-IR (jersey)
    Marino Rivera-2003 Upper Deck Headliners #HL-MA (jersey)
    Sammy Sosa-2003 Donruss Studio #4 9 (game-used base)
    Rafael Furcal-2003 Upper Deck Vintage all caps #AC-RF (game-used baseball cap)
    Roberto Alomar-2003 Fleer Tradition Milestones (bat)
    Bernie Williams-2002 Topps Reserve #TRB-BW (bat)
    Bobby Bonilla-2001 Topps #TTR-BB (bat)
    Shannon Stewart-2002 Topps ten #TTR-SS (bat)
    Michael Tucker-2002 Topps Tools of the Trade #TTRR-MT (bat)
    Jason Giambi-2001 Playoff Absoulte mem.Home Openers Souvenirs #OD-22 332/400 (game-used base)
    Ivan Rodriguez/Rafael Palmerio-2001 Upper Deck Gold Glove Offical Issue #OI-RP (ball)

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    I really need this:

    Rafael Furcal-2003 Upper Deck Vintage all caps #AC-RF (game-used baseball cap)

    Check my site.

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    Would you do the Furcal hat and the Piazza jersey (Fleer Tradition New York's Finest) for the Beltre? The Furcal is worth $15 and the Piazza is worth $10 (I think)

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    Are you interested in trading any of the GU for Cub inserts?
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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