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Thread: My Trade Page Is Done!!

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    My Trade Page Is Done!!

    Well, almost. Haven't gotten the rookies and high end cards for each sport entered yet but that won't take nearly as long. I have the FB, BB, BK autos and GU all listed. Take a look and let me know what you would like to trade for. It's pretty much all for sale/trade. I also have a wantlist up there. I would like higher end cards of each of the players listed on my wantlist.

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    I could use that Andre Miller Auto, LMK if we can work a deal.

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    You and I can always work a deal!

    I'll look and see what I can find.

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    BTW, I put up a Lelie SPGU Jsy if you want it.

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    I could use these cowboyography

    Latrell Spewell- Topps Bazooka Boo-yah BBY-LS
    Barry Sander- 01 Donruss Classic Team Colors (two colors from number in patch, very nice)
    Brett Favre- 04 Fleer Showcase Grace

    Lemme know if we can work something out for these.

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    Dr J was selling around $50 on ebay last time I checked. (middle of last week)

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    could we work a deal for it? Dr J is one my all time faves. I believe I have talked with you before about that card, before our other deal.

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    im interested in these
    04 Fleer Patchworks National Patchtime Tim Duncan 33/200
    04 Triple Dimensions 3D Red Tony Parker 015/249
    04 Black Diamond Double Diamond Jsy Tony Parker 26/250

    here is my tradelist, let me know if we can work something out
    -Game Used-

    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- bobby jackson(white)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- kevin garnett(blue)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- jarvis hayes rookie(blue)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- dahntay jones rookie(white)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- theo ratliff(red)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- nick van exel(blue)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- maurice williams rookie(black)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- jamaal magloire(green)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- quentin richardson(white)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- marko jaric(white)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- maurice taylor(red)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- ron artest(white w/ blue stripe)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- ben wallace(white w/blue)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- speedy Claxton(white)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- mike bibby(white)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- kwame brown copper #'d 52/99(white)
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition- reece gaines draft day hits(blue) #’d 26/75
    03-04 skybox le-elton brand history of the draft jsy (red)
    03-04 ud glass- andre miller game gear jsy (white)
    03-04 fleer avant- Tmac stars and stripes gu(white) #'d 240/500
    03-04 fleer avant- jason kidd candid collection #'d 148/250
    01-02 flair-jersey heights d.miles(red)
    03-04 sp game used- chris webber (white)


    99 sage autos-
    jeff foster #'d/999
    andre miller #'d/650
    evan eschmeyer #'d/400
    jumaine jones #'d/400
    a.j. bramlett #'d/999
    quincy lewis #'d/999
    venson hamilton #'d/650
    melvin levett #'d/650
    b.j. mckie #'d/200


    03-04 skybox le-troy bell rc #’d 039/399
    03-04 ud glass- andre miller plexi card
    03-04 ud glass- theron smith plexi rc #'d 915/1100
    03-04 fleer avant- luke ridnour black and white rc #’d 146/199
    03-04 upper deck victory- carmelo Anthony rc


    94-95 flair grant hill RC BGS 8.5

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    Sure thing Cowboyography. What are you looking to get for that Barry Jsy? can we work something out with the Dr J and the Barry?

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