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Thread: Why autographs?

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    I started collecting autos from current and former Cowboys because they got to wear the star. I knew I never get to wear the star because I was too short and too slow. The other autos I collect are for many different reasons.

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    it's definitely the in person experience of meeting a player and getting his autograph, its not that the auto is even valuable, it's the memories that go along with it

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    I thought the same thing when standing outside in -30 weather freezing many body parts off just to get a few players autos. I guess the fun of it and it is something to do with our spare time and money.

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    for some of us also its been something that your dad passed down to you

    i can remember going through **** and back just to get Paul oniells auto on a ball that i he threw up to me in the stands at my first yankees game after that we really all just do it for the fun

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    I do like the fact that we see trade forums in here for our autographs and I have yet to see one of you guys post autographs for sale threads with your IP or TTM items. It shows that you are not trying to grab a quick buck. It seems odd that people would throw their items up for auction to me. Trading doubles to help grow it makes since, but selling them?
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    Collecting baseball autographs for me has been a hobby of mine since I was 7 years old. My Dad would take me to Phillies caravans and I would get sigs from the likes of Von Hayes, John Kruk, Don Carmen, Lenny Dykstra, Harry Kalas, etc. and it was always such a thrill. I will have those memories forever. I was a shy kid and was always scared to ask most ballplayers in person since I came across a few mean guys, to say it nicely. So in many cases, I turned to writing letters to some of my favorites, i.e. Mike Schmidt, Don Mattingly and received responses from both. I can honestly say, those two instances turned me on to TTM requests. As a father myself now, I enjoy taking my son to games, caravans, etc. to meet players and ask for autographs. It is still a thrill to me and now my son. More than anything it is a great bonding moment between my son and I and a true past time much like the game of baseball.

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    i asked myself this yesterday when i was outside with 15 other people waiting for the milwaukee bucks lol

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    Good post. My favorite is seeing early 1900's photos/video clips were people were asking for autos just as they do today. It's a timeless tradition that goes hand in hand with sports. I've become a big fan of anyone that has ever signed for me..because they gave me a second of their time. It's a powerful thing...

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    in my opinion its like something that a player will do for you to show they care about fans, and it doesnt cost them anything except a couple seconds of their time. I am more a ttm guy especially for sports other than baseball, i really like writing the letters and checking the mail when i get home from school it makes something as simple as getting the mail fun

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    Personally, for me: I've had a perspective change since becoming a Christian in 2000.
    I used to idolize Professional Athletes and sports (especially when I was younger), somehow in our culture they become 'larger than life' and we create 'celebrities' out of people that we esteem to be something greater than they are.
    This also hits home when you get caught up in 'chasing' an auto of a player that you're much other than (the thought crosses your mind, "I was ___ old when this guy was born.") LOL

    I now collect autographs for the fun of it, not because I believe these athletes are "super-human" or whatever. I like to TTM and IP players from my favorite Wisconsin teams (Brewers and Packers), but regarding IP, only the Brewers.

    I personally don't have ANY interest to pay even $1 for a player auto. In the past (1996), I paid $50 for a Brett Favre signing (pre-season before his 1st MVP)... yeah, that was a "steal", LOL.
    I now can not bring myself to pay the $10 for a Rollie Fingers, $5 for an Ernie Banks or Gale Sayers, etc.
    Also, I'm not willing to pay the expensive $ for ROMLBs. I'll do the cheapo OLB3s now (I don't think Fine PT Ball Point pens will fade or bleed on those - we'll see).

    TTM is perfect because it only costs $ for the stamps & materials, you get to write a sincere fan letter/request, and you get the excitement of the chance at return!

    Plain and simple, and with all things in perspective, IT'S JUST FUN!

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