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Thread: My Trade Page Is Done!

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    My Trade Page Is Done!

    Well, almost. Haven't gotten the rookies and high end cards for each sport entered yet but that won't take nearly as long. I have the FB, BB, BK autos and GU all listed. Take a look and let me know what you would like to trade for. It's pretty much all for sale/trade. I also have a wantlist up there. I would like higher end cards of each of the players listed on my wantlist.

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    you have a great collection, i could use the hank blalock chirography auto. please check my site and lmk what you need for it (if you pick out some gu i'll trade in your favor)

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    I'll take a look and see what I can find.

    Don't know if you noticed but I have a McGahee Pristine Jsy and Kingsbury Ult Coll auto.

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    Hot Sauce, I like these. Let me know if we can work something out for them.

    2001 score select rookie preview auto rudi johnson bv15*

    2002 leaf certified mirror gold aaron brooks 3 color (black, white, gold) patch 16/25

    2001 sp game used edition authentic fabric deuce mcallister rc jsy bv50

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    envoy98- is the kingsbury auto the one #ed to 250? if it is, i would need that also, but i already have the ultimate signatures one. what kind of bv are you putting on the blalock? lmk and we can definitely work out a deal, thanks

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    I figure about 12-15 cash / 25-30 trade on the blalock. The Kingsbury is just the regular sig. That's what I got for $100. :( That and a crummy tomlinson patch. Ah well.

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    well i definitely want the blalock, will you trade the blalock and the 2002 sp authentic sott tomlinson auto for the aaron brooks patch? if not, please give me another offer because i really want the blalock

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    envoy, do you still have the McNabb auto that is pictured on your site?
    I have a 03 Finite Peyton Manning auto I would trade for it or a rc year Manning auto.
    plmk & thx,

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    Since I'm giving up 2 auto's will you do this. I'll even give you the Kingsbury auto since you collect him too.

    2003 leaf rookies and stars priest holmes/trent green/tony gonzalez triple threads (red, white, red) jsy 29/100 bv30
    Brooks Patch

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    Hey Mavfan, i don't have it anymore. I traded it away last weekend.

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