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Thread: Can someone explain why...

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    Can someone explain why...

    people on ebay continue to list their collections as "private"? Is this opposed to a public collection? Perhaps they don't want it confused with the all too popular collection shared by more than one person. Personally I like to claim my own collection as my own. Really what is the point of putting "private"?

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    By collection, do you mean auction.... That is the only other thing that I can think of and that would be due to the fact that sometimes they like to shill there own bids and dont want to be reported.

    If its not an auction, please explain to me again what you mean as I quite dont understand


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    I think he means when people say "I'm selling my private collection of cards. Years range from 1992 to 2003", or something like that.

    And I can't answer that question because I have no idea why. :p

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    my private collection are cards that I don't plan to sell or trade.
    I think people use this to try and convince people that a load of crap cards they have up are actually good cards & try to get bids.
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