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Thread: Please help me on my SASE

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    Please help me on my SASE

    I don't know what to do, I read the thread on what to do, but I don't understand what it means, if you have time, please put it in a way that even I can understand it, Thanks.


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    I got this a while back from Rockiesfan33. It don't get no easier than this.

    I send them out now in an 8x10 bubble mailer with a 10x12 paper envelope around the outside. I found that it cuts down on the weight and makes it easier to mail back. I put the bubble mailer in the bigger envelope and then slide the ball to the bottom. Works pretty well. I'm using 5 $0.42s and 2 $0.17s on the outer envelope and 5 $0.42s and 1 $0.17 on the bubble mailer.

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