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Thread: Nice Iverson Patch for trade.

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    Nice Iverson Patch for trade.

    Just picked this up. 03/04 Triple Dimensions Jersey Patch 4/25 of Allen Iverson. Very nice 3 color patch looks like a piece of his name. Will have a scan of it in a day or two.


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    i need the iverson and these:

    Amare Stoudemire 2002 Press Pass Auto
    Ray Allen 03/04 Topps Chrome Auto

    check my site

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    what are you looking for in return and how much bv you looking to get for it..

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    Allstar sorry don't see much I could use. Uclarox don't see much there either. Andrade I am looking for aroun $75to $100.

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    check my site for the Iverson and Allen Chrome auto.

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