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Thread: Game Used For Sale-

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    Game Used For Sale-

    Looking to sell these-
    Game Used
    2001 Fleer Genuine Coverage Plus #1 Courtney Brown BV$12 Sale-$4(SOLD)
    2001 SP Game Used Edition Authentic Fabric #MT Marques Tuiasosopo BV$25 Sale-$8
    2001 Topps Debut #128 Chad Johnson JSY(#/999 Small Ding) BV$30 Sale-$8 Because of Damage
    2002 Fleer Box Score Press Clippings Jerseys #3 David Boston BV$10 Sale-$3(SOLD)
    2002 SP Authentic Threads #AT1-MW Marquise Walker BV$8 Sale-$3
    2003 Topps Pristine Performance Jerseys #PJ-CP Clinton Portis BV$15 Sale-$7
    2003 Upper DecK Rookie Future Jerseys Kyle Boller(Incoming) BV$20 Sale-$7
    2004 Playoff Prestige Game Day Jerseys Donovan McNabb(Incoming) BV$12 Sale-$5
    2004 Topps DP&P Big Dogs J.P. Losman Jersey (Incoming) BV$20 Sale-$8

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    Ok shipping is $1 or a Sase at your own risk. PLMK and ill post it and PM you link and my addy. LMK Thanks!

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    Yes Ill post it and Send you link and my address. Thanks!

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    2003 Topps Pristine Performance Jerseys #PJ-CP Clinton Portis BV$15 Sale-$7

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    Ok shipping is $1 or you can send a SASE. So $8 or $7 and a SASE. I will post the sale and PM you it and my address. Thanks!

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    big russ also your PM box is full please delete some messages so i can PM you SALE info. Thanks!

    Here is al ink to the trade just empty some of your message in your inbox so i can PM you my address. Thanks!

    Here is a link to the sale please reply and say it is correct-

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