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Thread: GU/AUs for cc?

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    GU/AUs, or packs for cc?

    Anybody have any basketball GU or Autos for sale for cc? Also, I might be interested in packs of cards. If so, please list them here and what price you are asking for them DLVD. Thanks

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    If you give me some cc i can tell you who on AIM does trade gu's for cc lmk thanks!

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    No, I'm not interested in handing out donations...

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    for 291 cc you can get one of these dlvd

    02-03 ud glass game gear shane battier
    02-03 ud star imports pau gasol

    and i'll look for 2 or 3 base of ron artest.plmk

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    No thanks - I made this thread when I had a lot more cc. I am not looking to spend all of my cc right now.

    But I might be interested in the Artest base cards. PLMK

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    artest base i have for cc

    00-01 fleer mystique #78
    99 press pass #12
    99 edge successors #a-1 insert(was told it books 8)
    99-00 topps tipoff #121
    00-01 fleer game time #42
    00-01 fleer tradition #56
    00-01 fleer tradition glossy #56

    plmk how much cc you would give me for these.dont ask me how much i want please,just make me an offer

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    I need these 2:

    99 edge successors #a-1 insert(was told it books 8)
    00-01 topps tipoff #121

    You had the year wrong on the Topps Tipoffs, but I changed it.

    According to, these book for a total of 80 cents. That would amount to 8cc realistically, but I will give you 20cc for them.

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    if you can make it 28 cc that would be great,since i have to ship these.plmk.ill throw in all the others for a total of

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    Ok, I will do all of them for 38cc. I will send the cc and my address. Thanks

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