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Thread: Name your Player/Team FOR CC

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    Name your Player/Team FOR CC

    I'm trying to raise some CC in order to get me some DEWU codes. The only players not available in this deal are Pujols and Prior.

    Base cards are 10CC/1.00 with shipping being extra if you do not provide the shipping material and postage.

    Let me know, thanks!

    I'm not sure if feedback is acceptable in these type of transactions, but if they are legit, that'd be sweet too!

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    people on my sig, other that Prior I guess. If you don't have the players on my sig. then I would also take 04 Bazooka. As a last resort my teams are the cubs and Rangers, so I might take cards of them as well.

    I also have 2 DewU's I could give you for 50cc.

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    mark prior and dontrelle willis kaz matsui miguel cabrera russ ortiz roy oswalt jose reyes bobby crosby

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    If your willing to give up GU I would be willing to buy some.

    Other then that Merkin Valdez

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    I don't have any Valdez and I don't give game used for CC. Of course if you have loads of DEWU codes, I'm willing to give up some game used but it'd have to be a lot.

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