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    Minnie Minoso - In Philly Sat April, 25 (Mail Order Also)

    Just wanted to pass along a show notice from the great folks at the Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society -

    They are doing a show honoring 4 players who are inductees of the Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame and the Cuban Sports Hall of Fame in Miami. This is a great opportunity to get some old-timers and a true baseball legend in a friendly atmosphere (as most can attest to that have attended their events). It is also a fundraiser for the Historical Society, whose museum is a great archive of Philadelphia's baseball history.

    Saturday April, 25, 2009 - 10am-2pm (MAIL ORDER AVAILABLE)
    Days Inn in Horsham, PA
    Minnie Minoso, Tony Taylor, Spook Jacobs and Cholly Naranjo

    In-Person Prices
    Minnie Minoso (5 decades in MLB, played in 7 diff. decades total) - $20 any item
    Tony Taylor (58-76 Cubs, Phillies, Tigers) - $20 any item
    Spook Jacobs - (54-56 Phila / KC's A's, Pirates) $10 any item
    Cholly Naranjo - (1956 Pirates) One free item, $6 extras

    Mail Order (Orders accepted until April 24th) - For mail order inquries, contact the Philadelphia A's historical society
    Phone: (215)323-9901 Toll Free Phone: 1-800-318-0483
    Email -

    Minnie Minoso:
    Our signed baseball - $35.00, Our signed photo - $25, Your signed item - $25.00
    Tony Taylor:
    Our signed ball - $35.00, Our signed photo -$25.00, Your signed item - $20.00
    Spook Jacobs:
    Our baseball signed - $25.00, Our signed photo - $12, Your signed item -$10.00,
    Cholly Naranjo:
    Our baseball signed - $15.00, Our signed photo - $8, Your signed item -$6

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    Naranjo and Taylor are not great TTM guys. Jacobs is a good signer TTM and so is Minoso, although he does charge for items TTM ($10 I think). Could be a good opportunity for a couple of thise guys to say the least.

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    Might as well include this information over at this new thread in the Memorabilia Discussion and Show and Tell forum of the Memorabilia, Autograph and Multi-sport section:

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