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Thread: 04 Elite FB MOJO!!!!

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    04 Elite FB MOJO!!!!

    Ripped one box. Here are the highlights.

    They are not for trade. (Yet)

    Larry Fitzgerald RC #/500

    Lineage Triple Auto Peyton / Archie / Eli Manning Autos #003/100

    I love elite. I loved baseball and I love football! Screw UD!

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    Cant complain about that card. Should get you pretty much 4x money on the box back

    great pull, congrats


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    Thanks! The funny things I was trying hard to trade for one of these but was unsuccessful. I was talking with the clerk at Shinders (the card shop) and talking about this card and how cool it was... then 20 minutes later I walk in with it. The Mgr offered me $300 trade, but I passed. considering I just bought all the cards I wanted out of his case anyway. :)

    Rice RC, Marino RC, Justin Gage Contenders, Pennington Finest.. Nothing else I wanted. I even got the box $95 it was an even better deal!

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    As soon as I get home I'll post a scan of it. I'm at work and don't have access to a scanner here...Guess I could take a pic of it with my camera phone. ;P

    That wouldn't do it justice though.

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    $300 in trade is extremely low for that card, you can get $400 in cash instead!!

    nice pull you lucky dog, i got a box coming in next week maybe i can get one too

    ps your cards went out today

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    Thanks! Yours are going out on my way home.

    I can't believe I pulled it. I've had some great pulls but next to my Jordan, lebron and Tiger autos I havent' been this excited over a pull in a long time. I buy a lot of Football but this was probably my best FB pull yet. I've never even pulled a Manning auto. Now the only one I have left is a superstar HOF and Griffey Jr.

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    nice pull ! maybe i will have a chance to see it sometime

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    Congrats on a great pull. You should get $400-500 if you sell it.

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