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    Need 2003 Topps Total (Football)

    Need cards from this set. If you have some post the numbers and i'll get back to you.

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    ok i need them.
    what do u want?
    i imed you on aim like 4 times and you havent responded?

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    I have a stack of 89 of them that you don't have on the list on your site, in addition to 3 team checklists, 1 Total Topps insert (Favre) and 2 Award Winner inserts (Owens and Pennington). There are a few rookies in there, including Chris Simms and Terrell Suggs.

    Before I make a list of the 89 cards that you need and attempt to put a price on them, I want to see what you have for trade. This is what I'm looking for (in order):
    1) Ron Gant cards I need
    2) 2004 Topps Chrome Baseball White Refractors
    3) 2004 Donruss Baseball base cards I need (mostly short prints)
    4) Astros inserts with BV of at least $5
    5) Spurs inserts with BV of at least $5
    6) Other inserts/gu/autos I can use as trade bait.


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    i have some 2004 white topps chrome but how do i know if there refractors?

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    In addition to refracting light, they say "refractor" by the card number

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    I really would like to still try to help you out. The Simms books for $2.50 and the Suggs for $2, so that's already $4.50 without even looking at anything else. I would trade the whole lot for a total of around $10 BV if you can find me 2-4 cards in Baseball, Basketball, or Football that I can use as trade bait. Give me a handful to choose from and I'll make a deal.

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