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    Is this just my bubble mailers?

    When I set my baseballs in the bubble mailers I bought, it creases at the end and it makes it hard to see the address. Is there anyway to fix this? It is also hard to close these bubble mailers, the size of them are 8.5 x 11 and 6 x 9. Thanks


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    Hey man I don't do TTM but I wouldn't think to ship a baseball in a bubble mailer...maybe you TTM guys do it all the time, I don't know...

    If it were me I would send the ball in a small box and self address and stamp the box then cover that address with a piece of paper lightly taped to the box and address that to the your letter while asking for his/her auto you could easily point out that if the paper covering is removed the box can simply be taped closed and mailed...maybe a note on the outside of the box too so the box isn't discarded before reading the letter...

    Just an idea...

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    They will crease at one end and be hard to close, but they will be fine. I also use a piece of tape across the seal to help keep it sealed. I use a 8x10 bubble mailer with a 10x12 paper envelope around the outside, so mine might be easier to close than the way your doing it.

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