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Thread: Random Sports Trivia #89

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    Random Sports Trivia #89

    For 35 CardCash:

    In MLB, who was the first AL player to hit a home run in his first at-bat?

    Only 1 answer per member. ;)


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    That's not the answer I've got southpaw. If you think your right send me a PM to contest it.

    I'm always nervous shooting you down, it makes me question myself. LOL!


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    According to the baseball almanac Luke Stuart was the first AL player to hit a HR in his first AB.

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    Earl Averill for team still in AL, but heres the link for the baseball alamac that prooves luke was the first

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    Averill was my anwer to Southpaw strikes again!

    Thanks billsfan!


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    Bgray... did i get CardCash also??? JW... also are u looking for my AFFliates... I was wondering if u needed an AFFLLIATE MODERATOR... I'm very interested in getting adverstisment and money for this site and maybe some cards for CARDCASH store or for contests... thanx BGRAY... U DA MAN LOL

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    Hey Billsfan,

    I did donate partial credit for your help.

    I've got a long line of people who have requested a moderator position, some have been here from the first day so those spots will probably be decided on senority.

    I do however appreciate any help anyone can provide with advertising promotions. ;)

    Thanks again,


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