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    autos/gu/#dcards and rc's got some inserts to

    Game Used

    Alfonso Soriano Fleer Focus 03 Home and Away jersey

    J.D Drew 02 Playoff peice of the game #50

    Vince carter 02/03 hot shots ien fuego jersey

    Paul Peirce 03-04 fleer authentix jersey


    Scott Rolen 98 sp authentic chrigrophy auto rc (incoming)

    Zoran Planinic 2003-2004 topps pristine auto

    Jon Knott 04 topps crome rc auto

    mike sweetney sp signature edition auto #d out of 250

    Rickey Davis skybox autographics 98-99 auto

    Jody Gerut 04 fleer patworks autoworks auto #d to 346

    josh hamilton 99 topps opening day auto

    juan dixon 03-04 upperdeck standing 0 auto

    Freedy Adu Donruss Elite fans of the Game auto

    Bo Hart 04 fleer showcase auto 433/667

    Travis Best 00/01 fleer autographics auto

    Reece Gains 03/04 topps pristine auto

    Marcus Banks 03/04 bowman sotf auto

    Marcus Banks 03/04 ud rookie exclusive auto

    Gaylord Perry 04 donruss timelines call to the hall auto with inscription "HOF-91"

    Marcus Banks 03/04 sp authentic sig auto

    Jerry Stackhouse 00/01 fleer autographics auto

    Carlos Beltran 02 Absolute memrobila absolutely ink auto

    Edgar Martinez 04 sp authentic chirography auto # d 28/75

    Carlos Vasquez sp authentic future watch bronze auto 077/195


    Curt schilling

    Barry bonds

    Luis Gonzalez 91 fleer

    Luis Gonzalez, Karl Rhodes, and Jeff Bagwell upper deck Rookie threats card

    Todd Wellmeyer RC 2003 Sp authentic #D to 2003

    Gary Shefield RC

    2003-2004 Lebron James topps rc

    2003-2004 Topps pristine T.J Ford rc

    2003-2004 Bowman gold TJ ford rc

    Jarvis Hayis 03-04 upper deck rookie reflection #d to 999

    2003-2004 Fleer Tradition TJ Ford rc

    2002-2003 topps finest TJ Ford rc

    juan dixon 02-03 topps chrome rc

    Kazuo Sasaki 04 sp authentic future watch rc #d to 999

    Bubba nelson 04 playoff prestige rc

    Ervin Sanatana 03/04 topps chrome rc

    Short Prints

    Scott Podsednic 04 fleer patworks ruby #d to 50/50

    Nolan Ryan 01 Donruss Diamond Kings #d to 1982 card # DKR-2

    Kevin Brown 01 Topps gold label class 1 #D TO 999

    Rafael Palmeiro ex 01 essential credentials now #d to 299

    Hee Seop Choi 04 Donruss elite back to the future #d to 500

    Jake Peavy 04 playoff prestige X-tra bases #d to 150

    Roger Maris 04 donruss elite passing the torch 445/500

    Jackie Robinson donruss elite 04 0244/1000

    John Olerud 04 donruss elite Aspirations 06/95

    Derek Jeter 04 fleer classic clippings newspaper debut 205/750

    Tedd Williams 04 sp authentic all-star moments 263/999

    Have some inserts of arod, jeter, sosa and one of gwynn. lmk if anyone needs

    need soriano and rolen autos, and higher end rc's

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    hey bud, what does this book for?

    Freedy Adu Donruss Elite fans of the Game auto

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    bdr- i would need 80 in bv for it and dont r ealy see anytginh i want maybe the r ay allen auto

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    its going to end up booking for around $40, so ill hold off on that. but id like a shot at the Beltran if there was something lowerend

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    i dont think so considering the lowest price is like high 50's but those are regular without the DC, beltran is pending

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    The Donruss Classics /50 books 50
    the Playoff portraits /50 books 50
    based on that, i dont think something #ed/75 (which is more than 50) is going to book so much more than 50

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    well the edgar goes 30-40 on ebay and most thing go half ebay so it will proberly book like 80, somethin like that not sure

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