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    I got my card back First time question

    I got my first TTM Back from the post office with a note that has a list of things that might of went wrong. It says affix $0.20 Stamp and resend does that mean I need to repackage the envelope or can I just slap a stamp on the package and send it back out tommorow. Please let me know.

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    You will need to be more specific on what you are sending.

    If you are sending baseball cards TTM in reg. envelope then you should need one stamp going out, and one coming back.

    If you write do not bend, then yes it is more expensive. This has been explained to me at the post office as a different type and rate of mail.

    If you are sending larger things, then you must send parcel post.

    Your local postal worker can help you with all this, I took a few things that I was going to send and asked what they thought about each package. I did this when it was slow as to not anger other people and/or my post office worker. they are usually happy to help and save you money in the process

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