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    '95-'96 Finest Mystery Bordered Question

    I had two cards come in the mail that I had purchased.

    One was a 95-96 Finest Mystery Bordered Refractor, Shaq #M22

    The other was a 95-95 Finest Mystery Bordered... Barkley... #M6

    It wasn't a refractor...

    My question is, I have the borderless versions of these cards... but I have never seen a bordered non-refractor version... I can't find it in the Beckett anywhere... can somebody help me... please?


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    These are possibly some of the most confusing cards in the hobby. first make sure what you have is indeed "finest mystery" and not "topps mystery finest".
    Also, the bordered non-refractors from "finest mystery" came in redemption sets, they we're not pack pulled and are sometimes referred to as Redemption parallels.

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