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Thread: My 04 Elite box break

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    My 04 Elite box break

    Somewhat of a disappointing box, but let me know if you see anything you need. Looking for non-PressPass/Sage 2004 trade bait.

    Chris Perry RC 488/500
    Ben Troupe RC 321/500
    Cedric Cobbs RC Aspirations 8/96

    Dan Marino "Career Best" Jersey (green) 75/250
    Jimmy Smith "Gridiron Gear" (teal) 68/250

    Brian Urlacher "Passing the Torch" 91/1000
    Deuce McAllister "Career Best" 846/1650
    LaDainian Tomlinson "Elite Series" 69/850
    Kellen Winslow/Jeremy Shockey "College Ties" 336/2000

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    i like the marino if its for trade....check out my page and lmk!

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    I would like the Marino as Well check my site and LMK.

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    Not looking to sell it, but comparing to last year's Elite jerseys #ed/250, I expect it to book for $40 or $50 (trade value).

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    I appreciate your interest, but I didn't see many 2004 cards that aren't Press Pass or Sage.

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    i have some '04 stuff, not all the rc's are listed, but most of the gu and autos are....lmk!

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    I like the Chris Perry PLEASE check my site. Thanks!

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