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Thread: UD Legends Box For Sale

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    Exclamation UD Legends Box For Sale

    Thought I wanted a box of legends but changed my mind so it is up for sale. Make me an offer if interested. Will consider cracking the box open if enough people want to buy packs or I will keep it sealed if someone wants to buy the box. The box is still factory sealed straight from a case. Make me an offer.

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    kingsfan2410-make sure bgray approves of you selling packs first

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    uclarox545 make me an offer like i said in the description

    andrade ???

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    i would definately be iterested.....could u take cards for it? or cards and cash?


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    same question here. Could you take a card+cash type deal, or I trade cards for a few packs? Or I may buy for the right price, only if it is ran through BGrays approval first though

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    ?-Sorry just money

    uclarox545- Sure........... I dont think so that is just a little to cheap

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    are you looking to sell the box cheap? I may be looking to buy. Again-only if approved my BGray

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    I can offer you sealed 03/04 Topps Finest box from my sealed case. plmk if interested, thanks

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