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    Sean Taylor Pricing question for everyone...

    What do you think a Sean Taylor 04 Elite Status #/26 would be worth?

    I have one and I am thinking of selling it. I was wanting to know some opinions on a FAIR price to put on it.

    Thanks and PLMK


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    Thanks for your input. Hopefully I will get a few more responses so I can get a middle average of what everyone thinks

    Thanks again


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    I might be putting it on eBay soon so I figured I would look for a good BV to make a reasonable starting price


    SO far I am averaging your 2 replies and it would be about $50 BV so far.

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    Hmm, That is actually really good to be honest. I saw the evans #/3 go for 44 bucks, I just missed it


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    I would just sell it now because you should at least get $25 for it since its a new product and by the time it comes out it will book only around $50 so getting at least half isnt bad

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    no no no!!! don't sell it, how about if i give you $75 in trade for it?? or i could work out a trade/cash deal with you! please don't sell it on the bay!!! i NEED IT BAD

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