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    Looking to Finish 2003 BCDP Set...need 7 more!

    i need these cards...
    92- Josh Rainwater
    130 - Gavin Floyd
    145 - John Maine

    Chris Lubanski
    Ryan Harvey
    Delmon Young
    Eric Duncan

    Only extra auto from set i have is Nick Markakis. Have tons of Chrome, Reg, and Gold Base. Plus a few refractors and a Miguel Cabrera XFractor. Please let me know what we can work out. Site is

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    I've got the Floyd and I really need Nick Markakis auto for my set, check my site and see if we can work something out, I dont have any extra autos of these there all going to my set

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    sorry man...didn't really see anything, i am trying to get another auto from the set

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    u told me to wait, yet u never responded through email whether u finally received them or not...i have never had the mail screw up on me...i will send out monday...the Two Snell Classics, Gorz Base and Gorz Chrome right?

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