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Thread: want peter warrick rc's

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    want peter warrick rc's

    i am looking for any rookie cards of peter warrick that are above $4. plmk what you have and what you want. thanks-max.

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    do not know BV's right off hand
    But here is what I have
    Aurora Rc
    Pacific Rc
    T3 Retail PSA10

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    im interested in the masters rookie card. plmk what u want for it. thanks-max.

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    bryan2230: im interested. plmk what u want for it. thanks-max.

    DKissy: no thanks-max.

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    i have a warrick psa 9 Sp authentic future watch rc, along with many other warrick rc's like ultra, upper deck, etc. pm me, i wont check this board..thanks

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