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Thread: Want Ridnour and Banks!!!

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    Want Ridnour and Banks!!!

    I want everyones,eberything of Luke Ridnour and Marcus Banks the 14th and 13th picks in the draft send or post your lists please! i want the fellas and suspects as 2003 products come out people will pull them.

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    the stuff aint coming out for like 2 months...and then it will just be mvp type stuff or trade cards...

    and how did u end up with -1 feedback (just curious)

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    Ummmm dude, Inspirtations and Finest is already out and has redemptions for picks, i know both banks and ridnour have redemptions in it, and it's already out trying to see if anyone here has any, so there's no need to wait 2 months when they have stuff now.

    My Neg is from a guy whom didn't understand that i wasn't sending at the same time and got pissed, and i have 2 pending deals in which i've gotten their cards and as soon as they get mine my feedback will be positive.

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    sweetness... i wasnt aware they had already come out
    so we get two brands with XRCs this time round.... nice

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