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Thread: Vick Patch

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    Vick Patch

    03 Snapshot M. Vick 3 color, 3 stitchings Jersey (patch?) #WNOP-MV. This has yet to be the only card to have a book price in Becket. (?) Looking to trade for something in Hockey or Basketball.
    Julius Erving,Lebron,Melo,Flyers GU/Autos, M-A Fleury, Golf autos/gu (high end)

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    It's a nice card
    what would you need for it

    Nevermind I did'nt see the CREASE in the card

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    This scan makes it look a lot worse than what it is. It is from the thickness of the Patch. Fleer would replace the card but not with the same peice of jersey. It is barely visable. Acually recieved this through the mail free-NPN card

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