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Thread: rookies for cc

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    rookies for cc

    i have these cards for sale or trade. i will trade mainly for gu or autos, in any sport. or i will sell them for 750cc dlvd. i do not want to break the lot. or i will sell them for $35.00.

    here's what i have
    2000 upper deck vintage
    374 future prospects andrew raycroft
    380 future prospects eric belanger
    381 future prospects marian gaborik X2
    382 future prospects scott hartnell
    385 future prospects colin white
    386 future prospects stephen valiquette
    395 future prospects zdenek blatny
    396 future prospects michael ryder X2
    400 future prospects jeff bateman

    2001 upper deck vintage
    271 rookies timo parssien
    285 rookies scott clemmensen
    290 rookies ivan ciernik
    298 rookies thomas ziegler

    total bv is about $70.00

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    I only have 635cc:( Could I give you all my cc plus something else?


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