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    Anyone have and Indians/Rangers autos....

    Please reply if you have any Cleveland Indians or Texas Rangers autographs, I am looking for any semi-star or star. I am willing to trade or buy, but only with PayPal.

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    I have these for trade im looking for chicago cub autos in return trade (player doesnt matter).....lmk if your interested.

    Cleveland Indians
    03 Bowmans Best Autograph #BB-BLF Ben Francisco
    02 Topps 206 #TA-JDM J.D. Martin Autograph (3)
    03 Topps Pristine Autograph #TPA-RYC Ryan Church
    03 Leaf Autograph #26 Luis Garcia
    03 Leaf Autograph #29 Jhonny Peralta

    Texas Rangers
    03 Leaf Autograph #87 Kevin Mench

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    I have this card:
    2003 Topps Autographs J.D. Martin
    Please let me know.----walter

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