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    Want: Chris Perry and Jeremy LeSueur

    I'm looking for anything I don't have of Perry or LeSueur (only has Donruss Elite, Status, and Aspirations). PLMK if you have anything

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    i got a couple have
    04 chris perry fleer rookie
    04 chris perry fleer draft day rookie 80/375 lmk
    if u need these

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    I have a
    2004 Topps DP&P Gold Parallel Chrome RC of perry if interested looking to sell or trade for ravens

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    Cowboyography-I need the SAGE Auto. Please check my www for my tradelist

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    can we work a deal for this card
    2001 Titanium Double Sided Jerseys Jeff Garcia/Warren Moon #75 (both Jerseys red, different shades)
    It looks like BV on it is $30, the Perry is close I have these three cards to throw in
    Chris Perry- 04 Sage Autograph #1 of 3200
    Chris Perry- 04 Press Pass #23
    Chris Perry- 04 Sage Hit #23

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    koren robinson vanguard rc
    michael jenkins showcase rc
    wilford showcase rc
    sam showcase rc

    check my site and lmk sumpin thanks

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    Cowboyography-pm sent

    rookiecards-This is the only one I seen that I need

    04 Sage John Navarre auto (red 369/440)

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