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Thread: Please help!

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    Please help!

    Does anyone know where I can find a velvet sleeve or pouch that I can store my 1/2" bricks in. Like screwdowns, the surfaces of these things are getting scratched. I need some help. Thanks

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    It's not velvet, but an oversized graded card team bag may keep them safe from scratches.


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    Thanks Mike.

    I have seen some really nice black velvet bags before and was hoping to store in those. Your suggestion is probably what I am going to have to go with. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    If your 21, you can drink a bunch of Crown Royal. Though expensive, you get a pretty nice purple velvet pouch as a souvenier.


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    The Crown does sound good but purple doesn't do it for me.

    Thanks a bunch. That is exactly what I am looking for.

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    Here's another place. $1.50 per velvet pouch...
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