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Thread: Plz Help Me out

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    Plz Help Me out

    Im back and i need any and all ravens that you guys have that i need. i really want all ravens Serial #ed cards as i like collectin as many dups of the #ed cards as possible. i also collect gu/auto/patches/rc's and yes even commons that i dont have plz help me out here guys. i just updated my site with everything i have and will trade alot of things for ravens. please help probably the only ravens collector on this whole site!!!

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    I would LOVE to help you out
    (I have quite a few gu/rc/serial #d)
    But you don't seem to have any Players I collect
    OR have any of my set needs

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    yes i know iced cards you have loads give me a list of people/teams you collect and set fillers you need i will try to look for some

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    #1 LaDainian Tomlinson(anything but base)
    Duece McAllister(2001-03)
    Santana Moss(2001-02)
    Reggie Wayne(2001-02)
    Chris Chambers(2001-02)
    Chad Pennington(2000-01)
    (In Marshall Jersey is a +)
    Shawn Alexander(2000-02)
    Brian Urlacher(2000-02)
    Ron Dayne(2000)
    (only in Wis Jersey)
    Rickey Williams(1999-01)
    Daunte Culpepper(1999-01)
    Randy Moss(1998-01)
    Peyton Manning(1998-01)
    David Carr(2002)
    Joey Harrington(2002)
    Brooks Bollinger(2003)
    (In Wis. Jersey+)
    Maurice Clarett(2004)
    Lee Evans(2004)

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    I still have that Devard Darling Auto from Donruss Elite #/125 for trade, after stuff in my sig.

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    I have the following Ravens cards that you ight be interested in:

    Travis Taylor- 01 Quantum Leaf ( Infinity #84 of 100 )
    Bennie Thompson- 99 Pacific Paramount ( Gold ) #24
    Roosevelt Potts- 98 Fleer Ultra ( Gold medallion Edition ) #285G
    Priest Holmes- 00 Upper Deck ( Strike Force ) #SF15
    Peter Boulware- 97 Collectors Edge ( Chrome Parallel ) #P10

    If you are interested in any of these cards let me know, you have a few cards on your trade page I am interested in.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Hey, I like the Troy Vincent jersey on your site. I'll get a list of some Ravens stuff together and hopefully we'll be able to work a deal, Thanks

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    i could put together i nice lot for you maybe 50-120 cards with some rookies and stuff in them pm me if you are interested?thanx for your time.
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Boston College Eagles/ROOKIES,Patches/Autos


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