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Thread: Anyone collect Rickie Weeks ?

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    Anyone collect Rickie Weeks ?

    I have 2004 Fleer Platinum #197 (with Adam Morrisey) bv is $2. I'm looking for something from my sig that I need.


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    I don't NEED it need it, but take a look at my site and see if there's anything on there you can use.

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    John, I do actually need your Ken Griffey Jr - 2002 E-X Hit and Run #29 bv $6. I'll have to do some digging to see if I can find something else for you with the Weeks.


    I forgot that you just collect Ron Gant. I know I looked thru all of my stuff before from your want list. I did just look him up on & saw he has a few 2003 issues. Do you have all of the 2003 cards ? I didn't see any listed on your site, so I didn't know if you had them all or if they weren't added.

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    I have all of the 2003 issues already. You haven't by any chance gotten any Jason Hirsh cards have you? He's in Bowman and Topps Series 2. I need the base Bowman, Bowman Gold, and Topps Series 2 base. Other than those, if you can find a $3-4 Astro insert and I'll make the deal.

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    I haven't bought any 2004 Bowman or Topps series 2. Would you be interested in a 2003 Timeless Treasures # 79Roy Oswalt #'d 892/900 bv $4 ?


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    Sounds good to me! PM me with your address...I need to start keeping addresses on file!

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