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Thread: what to get?

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    what to get?

    my mum is going to america next week, and she has said she will bring me back a box or 2...i told her just to get anything recent so its a bit of a surprise, but having seen the Radiance problems is their anything else i should tell her NOT to get? or is there anything from this years products that i should tell her to get and forget the rest?

    Cheers for ya help guys!

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    08 09 spa!!! tell her to get that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mj23boxbreaker View Post
    08 09 spa!!! tell her to get that!
    I agree.

    SPx is also good if you're looking for a lot of tradebait. You also have the possibility of hitting a nice rookie/game-used/auto.

    I would also say to probably skip Topps Signature. It's a fun product to open packs of, but I can't see a box being much fun when you can get 2 or 3 autos numbered over 5000.

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    yea 08-09 SPA no doubt.... and skip everything else.......

    and the price of SPA has gone up from $90 to $130 now....

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