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    Pack Certified Cleveland Indians Auto's Wanted.

    I want pack certified Cleveland Indians auto's. I am not looking for minor league stuff like Royal Rookies and Team Best. The card must be in Cleveland Indians uniform. I am also willing to buy if the price is right. Not really looking for anything low #'d or high BV, a simple $10-$15 auto will work for me. Click on my www and follow the link to see which Indians auto's that i currently have or are incoming.

    Here is what I can trade for the Indians auto's that you may have:

    No Auto's For Trade At This Time

    Game Used:
    01 SPx Update Winning Materials Thome/Gonzalez/Alomar Triple Jsy
    04 UD Future Gems Jeremy Guthrie Jsy
    03 Topps Tribute Perennial All-Star Roberto Alomar Bat
    01 Fleer Legacy Hit Kings Jose Vidro
    01 Fleer Legacy Hit Kings Juan Encarnacion

    Rookie Cards:
    1990 Fleer Sammy Sosa

    #'d Cards:
    04 Donruss Elite Status Gold Eric Hinske /11!

    Thanks and LMK if you have any!

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    i still have the russell branyan auto bat but do u have any autos to trade?

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    Sorry, no auto's at all. LMK if you can use anything from the list in my original post.


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    i guess i could use the hinske and triple jersey. lmk what we can do. thanks!

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    BV on the triple jersey is $25, same as the Branyan. LMK if you'd do that trade.


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