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Thread: In Person Autograph Help

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    In Person Autograph Help

    Hey Guys,

    So everytime I go to a baseball game, I bring some cards to get signed. The problem is, by the time I find the card of the player who is signing, 90% of the time he leaves. I have tried binders and keeping them all in a plastic bag. What is the best way to carry cards to get autographs that it is easy to carry them around, and it is easy to find the player you are looking for and take the card out quickly?


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    I have a sketch pad with the spiral binding. I use photo corners to store the cards. You can add tabs to locate a specific player. Little post-it tabs work best. Or, if you have a lot of players you can alphabetize.
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    I use a 3 ring binder. Buy the alphabet tabs and place it in the binder. Make a page for each player in your binder. Attach each players cards to their own page with photo corners. I would be sure to use thicker stock paper for the pages! It will also allow the player a nice surface to sign on and gives you a better looking autograph. It is easy to fit 6 cards on one page and helps for easy access to the cards!
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    Yup photocorners work the best, I do exactly what ^ they do

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    Can anyone show me a scan of this ^? I am going to a game and really want to get many autos

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    Sorry I do not understand how to get it here after I scan into my pc. Just ask at any photo counter for photo corners to place picture in a book and they should be able to show you some.
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    So you just put the photocorners in a notebook and put the cards in?

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    they have sticky backs. You can get them at a photo shop, michaels (or any other craft store) I think they were near the scrapbooking stuff.

    wow, when I reread this, it sounds like Im in there all the time!!!

    If you guys must know, I got outta there very quickly and headed to the sports bar for some beers afterward!

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    Lol. Sure you are. Thanks for all the help guys. Quick question. Do you use a binder or something else?

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