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    Card show:

    Anyone need anything from the Cow-palace show??? Going this weekend!
    PM if you need something and I'll try and find it.

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    Man wish I could go, I know theres going to be tons of great stuff and cheap!
    Good luck card hunting!

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    Haha, yeah, but Mays is signing 269, what a waste! I am going to be looking to complete my HOF postcard set ( or get some nice additions )

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    You Got an PM from me thanks again and good luck on my lists.
    "Any ballplayer that doesn't sign Autographs for little kids Ain't an American. He is a Communist"-Rogers Hornsby on Signing an Autograph as a Manager in 1942 with the St. Louis Browns.
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    I'll be there too!! I'm so excited! I was so upset when they canceled the Concourse one that they usually do in the fall. It'll be the first good baseball show around here in a while =)
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    Looking for Brandon Phillips 2008 SP Authentic By The Letter Auto Cards, I only need letters O N H I L , they are usually running in the range of $20 or so if you can pick up any of the above letters in that range I will reimburse you or trade for them your choice. Thanks!

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    Hey, if you found a 2005 Steve Carlton Sweet Spot Red Stitch Blank auto /58 that would be great. It is the last one i need to finish the set. Thanks and good luck with your needs

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