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    08-09 Radiance (Possible Patterns?)

    This may be a little off base...but, I was just noticing something. So far today, I have seen 5 different breaks of this UD Radiance. I have also seen everyones negative opinions. But, something that I have just noticed that is even more concerning to me is this.....

    J.R. Giddens
    Sonny Weems
    Mario Chalmers

    Every break so far, that I have seen posted contain these 3 guys. Just curious as to where the "A" level rookies are?

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    Moved to Basketball Card Talk.

    Interesting...wasn't this just released in the last day or 2 though? Maybe all the great rookies are at the end of the production line or something....

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    Mario Chalmers is one of the better rookies for the year....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyj View Post
    Mario Chalmers is one of the better rookies for the year....
    No doubt. I really like Chalmers.

    And so far, on Ebay al the rookie autos are stickers...except for one guy. DJ White from the OKC Thunder.

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    That's very strange. At least Topps Signature has the excuse of the autos being numbered so high that you're bound to see some doubles.

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    $200 per box.. ? why not premier.. at least 1 or 2 quad jersey auto + a stitch...

    sticker auto...? why not Topps signature.. 8 auto including one "A" class !! lol

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    One guy on here said he pulled a Rudy Fernandez.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyj View Post
    dj white ISNT one of the best rookies ;) lol

    I dont recall saying that he was.. Just commenting on the fact, that he is the only 08-09 rookie that signed "on card."

    He is something special though. He had a softball sized tumor in the side of his face all year long...and he had 6 surgeries. He finally got healed up enough to play in the last 3-5 games of the season, and in very limited time, he dominated on the inside. He's a legit double/double machine.

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