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Thread: Cleaning up Finds!

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    Cleaning up Finds! (updated 1:40)

    im doing major cleaning in my room, and im finding stuff i completely forgot i had...

    this list should be updated every so often, so check it again every once in a while


    98-99 Chrome Peja Stoyankavic RC : PSA graded "8"
    96-97 UD Jordan Heights - BV 30
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    bdrr -- I am interested in the Jordan,

    what cards of players do you collect?

    unfortunately, I have very little in the way of GU cards.

    PM me with your want list

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    i collect garnett marbury and autos (autos being most preferrable)

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    bdrr- I'm so sorry to change the subject but do u still have those AI gu

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    i traded one in a deal at the show i was talking about for a joe morgan auto /83
    the other im about to trade in a deal for an olajuwan auto and finley auto

    ill let you know if i get a cheaper one that im not looking for certain cards in return

    :( Zach

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