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    What BV would you put on this patch?

    Im not sure what BV to look for in a trade. Because of the unique design and the letts and all, I think it would sell for atleast $20ish on EBAY, so I feel maybe to look for another card that would sell for about the same. Anyone that could let me know a BV they'd want for it, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    It would probably sell higher if you sold it near the beginning of the season as a lot of players cool down on off season

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    Im going to wait if I sell it, Im just looking to use it in a trade and I dont know what book value I should put on it if Im going to trade it. Most cards that sell around $20 have a high book value, so I dont want to say its like 20BV and trade it for something that is worth a lot less on Ebay then it is

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    I would say it has between a 2x and 3x bv. the patch is definetly unique to say the least but it shouldnt be if its 2 clr its 2x, 3 clr 3x... People wont trade it for that. But you shouldnt have to much trouble getting between 2x and 3x bv overall on the card


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