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    07/08 UD Black Magic Auto 50th Anniversary Patch

    I meant 50th Anniversary. I can get one for $150. It is numbered /10. Is that a good price? Please help me decide? The BV for the one #/50 is $200.

    BTW here is a "bad" pic of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyj View Post
    that pic is so small you cant even see the card?

    Here is a larger pic.

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    I would say decent deal since its the gold version

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    $150 is pretty hefty, but if you feel comfortable paying it, then its a good deal...I would have said more like $100 or so

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    If your willing to give up $150 for it, go for it my brotha. For me, im willing to pay over BV if its a card i MUST have. thanx

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    is that patch from his game worn jersey? if it is... i will pay more than $150....

    as it is so rare to have that 50th anni patch on cards....

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