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    Review: 'Wolverine' doesn't cut it

    Review: 'Wolverine' doesn't cut it

    Actors call it "backstory."

    It's all the stuff that happened in the past, before the movie begins. All the stuff that might explain how the character became what he or she is today.

    It's obvious why that might be fascinating to the actor playing the role. But as for the rest of us, well, you have to figure the writer left it out for a reason.
    I'm sure you can find other reviews saying it's great as well, we all know how that goes. I figure quite a few SCFers will see it this weekend and I wanted to get some "local" reviews.

    I have a few questions about the storyline that are confusing and worrying me. From what I've seen and read, Cyclops and Jean Grey are this film. But in the comics (and the first X-Men actually), Wolverine never met either of them before he was taken in by Professor X. Now I'm not sure if the first X-Men told the story as it appeared in the comics, but at least the continuity of it was correct. Also, from this review, it sounds like they don't even address how Wolverine actually becomes Wolverine (ie the adamantium skeleton and claws)...shouldn't that be a major part of his "origin?"

    Anyway, I want to hear what everyone thinks about it. I definitely won't get to see it this weekend and will probably have to wait until it comes out on video...we don't get out to the theater much anymore

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    I've seen the leaked version ....

    It was a good film IMO even though the version I saw was very very unfinished. Story line was decent and the action scenes were great. I was never a big comic fan so I really can't tell you much about the movie following the story lines. Cyclops and Jean Gray are in the movie but they are very young and the movie does go into how he obtains the adamantium skeleton and claws.

    I'd have to say a 3 outta 5 stars IMO, but again I saw the raw unfinished version that may not have included some final cut scenes that are in the release.

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    I am not into comics either, but I will see this movie with my son

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    i just saw it this afternoon.
    i'd give 3 stars.

    just the story behind a legend Comic-Book Hero was just great.

    Wolverine vs. Sabertooth

    a battle that was sick. especially being brothers and all. new enemies, shows how the X-Men came to be

    go see it

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    movie looks good.. Ive always been a big fan of Wolverine.. definately have to go see it!

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    just got out of the theatre....i thought it was pretty good...much better than x-men 3

    as far as if it stays true to the comics, i have no idea...never read the comics

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedGoneWILD View Post
    just got out of the theatre....i thought it was pretty good...much better than x-men 3

    as far as if it stays true to the comics, i have no idea...never read the comics
    I was going to comment about the downhill trend of these movies. X-Men 3 was terrible IMO

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    i wasn't much of a fan of Last Stand.
    ok coming from what, 2002 from X2? graphic-wise and all
    but didnt please me.

    Origins Wolverine was awsome, however

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    This movie was terrible, I took my 2 brothers and let me tell you it could have been a lot better. The set was disgusting, editing cheesy, characters not portrayed..some of the movements they did looked cheesy with every scene ending with wolverine going rAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and ripping his shirt.

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