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    1984 Topps Marino RC Available for Trade

    I have an extra Marino RC (bv is $80) available that I'd like to trade for some baseball cards I need from the mid-80's. I'd like to get close to the same value in return. Here are some of the cards I'm looking for:

    1985 Fleer Clemens ($40)
    1985 Topps Clemens ($25)
    1985 Fleer Puckett ($15)
    1984 Topps Mattingly ($15)
    1983 Donruss Gwynn ($15)
    1983 Topps Boggs ($12)
    1983 Donruss Sandberg ($10)
    1983 Fleer Sandberg ($10)

    Let me know if you're interested or if you have any other trade proposals and hopefully we can work something out.

    Also, if you PM me your e-mail address, I can send a scan of the Marino.

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    Here are a few more cards I could use, but they are a little lower priority:

    1978 Topps Ryan RB ($15)
    1978 Topps Rose ($12)
    1978 Topps Brett ($15)
    1978 Topps Schmidt ($10)
    1978 Topps Ryan ($30)
    1980 Topps Ryan ($15)

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    I would love to trade for your Marino, I dont have any baseball, Do you collect any football?

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    I can give you a barry bonds fleer rookie BV $60 and goin up
    and the 1980 nolan ryan you wanted....for the Marino..LMK
    or also have the fleer sandberg rookie....

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    Sorry, I don't collect football anymore. I only collected for 3 years (84 - 86) and I'm trying to get rid of most of them to help with my baseball collection.

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    Maybe, I don't really need the Bonds, but you can never have too many of those. I'd rather wait a couple days to see if there are any other offers for the cards I need more. I might do it though.


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    ok but if you wait to long I might change my mind just letting you know

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    msufan- I can give you cards from your wantlist close the BV you want. I will doublecheck what I have when I get home tomorrow night.
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    want your clemons

    i will trade you my 1999 topps chrome traded factory set for it. bv is 75.00

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