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    -Ivan Rodriguez,00 SPx Signatures Autograph Books $40.00

    -Miguel Cabrera,04 Fleer Classic Clippings Auto/Bat Books ?? (INCOMING)

    -Magglio Ordonez,03 Topps 205 Autograph Books $25.00

    -Austin Kearns,03 SPx "Rising Stars" Auto/Jersey #ed Books $25.00

    -Hank Blalock,04 Flair Cuts And Glory Auto/Jersey #ed/100 Books $25.00 (SELLS GOOD)

    -Mark Teixeira,04 Flair Cuts And Glory Auto/Jersey #ed/100 Books $25.00

    -Carlos Delgado,04 Flair Cuts And Glory Auto/Jersey #ed/100 Books $40.00

    -Ryne Sandberg,03 Ultimate Collection Autograph #ed/200 Books $60.00 HTG

    -Mark Prior,03 UD Finite Autograph #ed 11/75 Books $100.00 HTG

    -Ryan Howard,04 Fleer Classic Clippings "Phenom Lineup" Autograph #ed 66/150 (w/ Thome and Helton) Books ??

    -Jason Giambi,03 SP Authentic "Chirography" Bronze Autograph #ed 77/100 Books $75.00

    Patch Cards

    -Pedro Martinez,03 Patchworks 2 color patch card #ed/100 looking for $30.00 (100% swatch is patch)

    -Adam Dunn,03 Flair "Sweet Swatch Patch" 4-colors #ed 05/50 No Book Value (SP) Some Pack Damage

    -Mark Mulder,02 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade 3-color patch #ed 74/300 Looking for $35.00-$40.00

    -Vlad. Guerrero,03 Fleer Patchworks National Patchtime 4-Color /300 No Book Value Want $30.00-$40.00

    -Barry Zito,03 Fleer Patchworks 3-Color Patch No Book Value Want $30.00-$40.00

    -Manny Rameriez,02 Fleer Primium "Diamond Stars" 3-Color Patch #ed 54/75 Books $50.00

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    Mark Teixeira,04 Flair Cuts And Glory Auto/Jersey #ed/100 Books $25.00

    Check my site.

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    I could use a few of those cards, check my site.
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    Collecting: Brook Lopez & Cat Osterman

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    -Mark Teixeira,04 Flair Cuts And Glory Auto/Jersey #ed/100 Books $25.00

    Please check my site.

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    DTrain-I like the Sheets the Prior and the Greinke auto PLMK

    TRFstPtch- Waht year/brand is the Beckett that is incoming... thats all I need besides the Snider in your PC

    soxfan445-I need these

    2003 EX Hank Blalock auto /399

    2004 Fleer Classic Clippings Angel Berroa auto/jer /149

    2003 Fleer Patchworks Roy Oswalt 4 Color Patch 17/100 $25 (But will only take this for 1 of my g/u or patch cards not auto's)
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    I'll trade my Berroa auto jer for your Teix auto jer
    It doesn't book yet but I assume it will be around $25


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    I'll also trade my Oswalt patch for your Guerrero.


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    soxfan445-looking on ebay for what they sell I bought the Mark T for $12.00 and the Angel Berroa's are all goin for $6.00 so I think I would be losing money... Do you have the Badelli auto for trade PLMK!

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