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    My Nearly Complete Almost 3 Color 08 SPA Patch Auto Set!

    Pride and joy of the past months, thanks to everyone on the forums that helped contribute to my set. Still short a few guys for the 3 color patches and a Rashard Patch auto. For some odd reason I have never seen these guys with a 3 color version ( Jordy Nelson, Felix Jones, Dustin Keller, Mario Manningham). If anyone has anything to help finish up the set I don't mind trading or buying, lmk. Anyways here it is!

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    WOW! Sick Cards! Good luck completing the set!
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    Wicked SET!!! The patches, autos and pics on them are awesome!

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    Very nice and congrats!

    Thanks for sharing!


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    i hate to burst ur bubble but the keller only has 2 colors at and white
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    I have seen 3 color felix's but yours is nice

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