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    Looking For 2 Shingo Takatsu Cards.

    Does Anyone Have 2? I dont have any cards at all of him.

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    Got one! :(
    A 04 Bowman regular.
    BTW, forgive me for asking but why 2?


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    I usually get autos in person and I like to have 2 cards of each player if possible, what do ya need for it?

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    Have a low end 03 or 04 RC? Topps Total, Topps etc. Doesn't matter who.

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    Oh BTW, have a bunch of 04 Topps Total for trade
    Keep the FY RC myself. Res tis for trade

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    I actually dont need any more right now, I just havent updated my sig in a couple weeks. How about this for the Takatsu?

    2002 Donruss Fan Club Nick Neugebauer "Rookie" I'm thinking this is a RC? LMK if that's okay.

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    Okay with me!

    Oh, BTW, have any double FY RC of the 04 Total set?



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    I dont believe I do Henri, sorry, I didnt get enough to get doubles.

    Can you PM me your addy as well?
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