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    Free cards

    Well I'm moving soon and gotta get rid of a lot of my cards.

    Anyway, each lot will have 10-18 cards(maybe more, I'll try my best). All I ask is for you to cover the shipping cost, by Paypal please(personal only, no cc).
    Cost for:
    Canadians is $1.50 in Cdn funds
    US is 1.50 in US funds

    All cards will be mailed in a oversized envelope, sleeved, and between two pieces of board.

    Just to reduce clutter, please list the players/teams/set you are interested in. The only cards that won't be in the lot are of: MJs, Kobe, Shaq, Lebron, Melo, Hinrich, Larry Bird(well most of them), Magic Johnson(again most of them),and Dwayne Wade. Everything else is available. The stuff available are from 1989 to present. So if your wanting players in current uniforms, specific years, please state that.


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