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    That's Right. I'm Back, With Card Show Pickups

    After a 4-week hiatus, I am back! Went to the Annual SF Tristar today at the Cow Palace. I think I did alright. Here's the scoop.

    First, I picked up some packs. Here are the breaks, from worst to best.

    1 Pack Of Topps Treasury:

    3 Packs of 07-08 Topps Chrome:
    -Crittenton RC
    -Conley RC
    -Brewer RC
    -Duncan Ref /999
    -Hardaway Ref /999

    But then I saw it. A lone pack of 08/09 Bowman sitting there, waiting for me. I got it, and boy, I was glad I did.
    08-09 Bowman:
    -Tony Parker Base
    -KG Chrome
    -Augustin RC
    -David Robinson GOLD REF 23/50 BOX HIT!
    -George Hill RC Auto BOX HIT AGAIN!!!!!
    I was super happy considering I've been keeping my eye out for a Hill auto anyways. And both box hits in ONE pack! WOW!

    Now to the pickups!!

    I headed to a 2$ blowout stand first. Picked these two up.
    -Joakim Noah/Luol Deng Co-Signers RC 17/19
    -DJ White Topps Chrome RC Auto Refractor /476
    Pretty nice for 2 bucks each IMO

    Then a 4 for 10$ stand. Got these
    -Davis/Harrington SPX Dual Jersey
    -Melo/K-Mart SPX Dual Jersey
    -Amare SPGU Jersey (already had it but whatever)
    and one of my steals of the night.
    -SPX Wilson Chandler RC Jersey Auto
    Yea thats right 2.50 each!

    On to a couple singles I picked up at different places.
    -Andris Biedrins SPA RC Auto /1499; $7 (wanted this one for a while)
    -Chauncey Billups 98-99 Bowman Best Ref /400; JUST $1!!
    -Hakeem Olajuwon 98-99 Topps Chrome Seasons Best Ref; $1

    To finish my 50 bucks off I headed to a mid-end stand (I had $9 left) and talked the guy into giving me these two for $9 instead of $10
    -07/08 Wilson Chandler Ultimate Rookie Auto 90/99; 4.50
    and this one I thought was a steal for 4.50
    -08/09 UD Premier George Hill RC JSY AU; 4.50

    I think I got some pretty good steals and as my 2nd card show (first was the National) it was pretty fun. Also I got the guys I was looking for to invest in- George Hill (2 autos) and Wilson Chandler (also 2 autos)
    Thanks for reading!

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    If you want to trade those chandler please let me know, I need both of them.

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    Awesome Pickups!!!
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    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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    Really sweet pickups!! Nice prices on everything.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sl7in View Post
    If you want to trade those chandler please let me know, I need both of them.
    they're HTG but I did like the Hill SPA RC. lmk if that's FT so we can work something out

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    Wow you got some nice deals!! My card show is a rip-off when it comes to buying singles lol. thanx

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    Thanks guys how did I do in the breaks overall?

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